Volunteer Spotlight

Sammy Wilson

Our volunteers make the difference!

As a student attending High Point University, I wanted the opportunity to volunteer with animals while I was away from home, because I have always been surrounded by them in my life. I love being able to help them since I’m away from home and miss my own puppies. Having a mom who has her own animal rescue, I grew up seeing homeless animals and that made me want to do something about it. Volunteering for the Humane Society of the Piedmont has already allowed me to be a part of that.  

During my time volunteering here, I have gotten the opportunity to help out in the clinic. I have gotten to see preparations for spays and neuters, which was a great experience as a pre-vet student. I have volunteered at many events to help raise awareness and funds to prevent large shelter numbers. The Humane Society makes these events so much fun, even as a volunteer working the events! Everyone brings out their super cute pets and participates in something fun, whether that’s a corn-hole tournament or a doggy costume contest. I’ve also been to the rabies vaccine clinic. It was awesome to see all these animals get the vaccinations they need to keep them healthy and protected. 

I’m appreciative of the volunteer work the Humane Society of the Piedmont and their Clinic have offered me and highly recommend getting involved with helping animals in need!   - Sammy