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Help end euthanasia NOW!
Help end euthanasia NOW!

Ocho, my seven-toed cat ...

I had a seven-toed cat once that we named Ocho (yes, that’s eight in Spanish, but it sounded good to a ten-year-old).  When I think of the number 8, I always think about Ocho, my sweet, seven-toed kitty.

What does 8 mean to you? Better yet, what does $8 mean to you?
A grande latte with an extra shot of espresso?
Lunch with a work colleague or friend on any given day?
A nice glass of wine out with friends?

But what about when thousands of individuals put their $8 together to end animal
euthanasia ... imagine the impact of that 8!

We as a community have not yet stopped euthanasia and animal homelessness – our 
shelters are full across the state. Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who are not adopted 
most often live terrible, short lives in shelter kennels, or are often euthanized because 
they become scared, unhappy and aggressive living in the shelter -- and there is simply 
no more space for them as more animals are brought in.

What we know is how to stop euthanasia and animal homelessness – the answer is aggressive spay and neuter programs. Humane Society’s Planned Pethood Spay and Neuter Clinic provides these surgeries for pets of people of all income levels, and to animals living in shelters all around the Piedmont. 

Your $8 or more monthly gift to the Humane Society of the Piedmont automatically deducted from your account each month (so easy!) will go toward supporting low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for pets and rural shelter animals within a 100-mile radius of Guilford County. Donations from sustainer’s gifts make sure that we can quickly respond when we are needed to do what’s right for the health and well-being of a pet that needs sterilization. 

Support the Humane Society of the Piedmont’s Spay and Neuter program today ... and every month with your monthly donation. It’s easy for you, and will ensure our clinic can respond when pets and pet owners need us. 

$8 on the 8th in 2018 ... Ocho would approve!